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The Singapore Academy of Law Journal (“SAcLJ”) is a peer-reviewed journal of legal articles relevant to Singapore and the common law legal systems. Other than academic articles, it also carries commentary, case notes, book reviews and selected lectures delivered by distinguished speakers at Singapore Academy of Law lectures.

Articles, commentaries and case notes submitted to the SAcLJ are reviewed by experts in the relevant subject areas of law from the SAcLJ’s Panel of International Referees and other academics, legal service officers and practitioners. The SAcLJ’s double-blind refereeing practise ensures the identities of both author and referee remain anonymous during the refereeing process.

The SAcLJ is published both digitally and in print. All refereed articles, commentaries and case notes will first be published on e‑First (ie, our e-publishing prior-to-print module), and then collated for publication in print. More information on e-First may be found here.

All print-published material is available digitally in the e-Archive  and also through LawNet, HeinOnline and RMIT. 

The Academy’s Publications Committee is responsible for the content of the SAcLJ. 

  • The Honourable Judge of Appeal Justice Judith Prakash (Chair) 
  • The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck
  • The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Debbie Ong
  • Mr David Chong Gek Sian SC
  • Mr Chan Leng Sun SC
  • Professor Yeo Tiong Min SC (honoris causa)
  • Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam
  • Mr Andrew Chan Chee Yin
  • Mr Chan Hock Keng
  • Ms Malathi Das
  • Ms Gan Kam Yuin
  • Ms Joan Francis Janssen
  • Associate Professor Pearlie Koh Ming Choo
  • Professor Teo Keang Sood 

  • Professor Michael Crommelin
  • Professor (Emeritus) Gerald Dworkin
  • Professor James Fawcett
  • Professor Kevin Gray
  • Justice David Hayton
  • Dr Susan Hodges
  • Professor Michael A Jones
  • Professor H P Lee
  • Professor Ian Ramsay
  • Justice Vivian Ramsey
  • Professor Michael Reisman
  • Professor Francis Reynolds QC
  • Professor Kent Roach 


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